About Whitetail Wetlands:

Whitetail Wetlands began as a concept. The property lies in south-central Pennsylvania and is adjacent to Dunnings Creek Wetlands. It was a farm that had lain fallow after years of overuse. The fields were barren of trees and other natural vegetation.
However, because it was gently sloping toward a stream and had the ability to act as a water conservation filtering system, the present owner decided that wetlands would be an ideal use for the property.

It took several years to get the project moving in the right direction. The soil is now drenched with sweat and it is, of course, a work in progress. But when you look out on this beautiful verdant landscape, its hard to believe that it started as it did.
It is living proof that man and nature can work together.

The ten impoundments were created to entrap water moving from the ridge behind. Nature supplied the groundwater; we supplied the pools, ponds and marshes. As you drive the perimeter of the property, you see areas that are always wet, the impoundments, areas that are sometimes wet, the marshes and vernal pools, and places that are rarely wet, fields and dikes that allow waterfowl and furred animals to browse the grasses and other plentiful vegetation.

As water flows from underground sources, such as springs, toward the creek below, it gathers in the impoundments, travels through a series of manmade locks and as it slowly flows from place to place, impurities and chemicals are filtered out, so that when it arrives at the creek bed, you have crystal clear water.

The most wonderful byproduct of this environment is that it serves as a perfect home and sanctuary for hundreds of species of waterfowl, songbirds, amphibians, furred animals and insects.

We also gave nature a helping hand by planting a diversity of trees and plants. Thousands of cattails, grasses, and fields of food plants, like corn, alfalfa, soybeans, and sunflowers.

The wetlands is a unique place where nature is the instructor and we are the students. Weve had many visitors who have come, observed and taken away a greater knowledge and a greater understanding.

We invite you to join us at Whitetail Wetlands as guests of the inhabitants: the waterfowl, the songbirds, the furred animals, the amphibians and reptiles and the insects.