The Outdoor Adventure:

If you want to experience Whitetail Wetlands you have to walk the trails, smell the rain, play hide and seek with gentle creatures, and enjoy the bounty that Nature has provided.  In the light of day the placid water of the ten impoundments is blue, reflecting the daytime sky. At night the wetlands become reflective mirrors of the moon's liquid silver pouring down on the landscape and the ponds. Dull brown grasses turn gold. The world becomes metallic.  There is no time can cross the barrier of bright sunlight and venture into the white darkness of a moonlit night. There is an opportunity to listen to the chorus of frogs as they call to potential mates.  As you walk the dikes in the early morning mist, ducks and geese come and go according to their genetic schedule. Sometimes they disappear in a mystery of silence, sometimes rising from the water in a great cacophony of sound.

We have miles of walking trails, trails for bike riding, forest and wetland trails for horseback riding (bring your horse and board it) and the possibility of a horsedrawn wagon ride or sleigh ride.  Not into walking that much? Rent a golf cart for only $10.00 per day and make it a ride. You can carry along your binoculars, spotting scope, photography equipment, box lunch (prepared in our kitchen) and make it a day!  Just call ahead, if you want to spend the day enjoying the wetlands. For the minute cost of $3.00 a person , you can use this beautiful  environment for your own personal classroom. Learn to recognize the signs of wild animals, understand their life patterns, identify everything from dragonflies to flycatchers, mergansers to butterflies.  If you want to try your hand at nighttime ID of frogs, owls, moths, just let us know when your group can make a date. We can arrange possibly to have an "expert" who can help you.

The wetlands is more than a bed and breakfast. It's an experience for nature lovers, photographers, bicyclists, hikers and you can be here too. Try a day visit and you'll come back again and again.

Whether it animals, plants, or landscapes, shutterbugs will find something to shoot.

Nature Walks, Hiking, or Biking:
On miles of mowed impoundment dikes and improved trails

Going to be under the stars, waking up amidst the beauty of the wetlands...does it get any better?
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Wagon or Sleigh Rides:
A fun relaxing way to see the Wetlands
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Golf Cart Rentals:
Nedd a lift?  We have one for you.
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Horseback Riding:
Horses are not supplied, but we offer plenty of self-care stabling.
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Crosscountry Skiing:
Winter doesn't call a halt to activities t the Wetlands.
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The Lodge:
And of course the Wetlands Lodge offers plenty to do.
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