Winter in the wetlands?

Yes, the wetlands are a place to visit come winter. From a naturalist's perspective, you get to see how many animals survive the harsh season. For photographers and observers, not only can you see animals in a setting most miss, but the barren ground and plants (or even better, snow) give a clear view of animals you might miss other times of the year.

Plus there are activities to enjoy that are only available in the snow:
crosscountry skiing through the woods and across the wetlands, taking a
sleighride around the frozen marshes and impoundments, or just sitting around a blazing fire in the evening sipping hot cocoa.

Winter will be here before you know it, better make plans to visit!

A Winter's Day On the Wetlands

As I stand here on my twenty-eight inch legs in 26 inches of snow looking out across the vast whiteness of the wetlands, our big yellow Lab comes bounding through and disappears into a three-foot drift. He explodes out of the snow, ears straight out in the flight mode, and bounds forward again. We're on a mission...