Amphibians and Reptiles





Animals of Whitetail Wetlands:

Some are year round inhabitants, some seasonal visitors, while others just make rare cameos. They come in all shapes, sizes, coverings, and habits. Wildlife abounds at Whitetail Wetlands.
Not just local fauna will be found here. Due to the lack of safe, open, protected wetlands in many areas, some animals have changed their habitats, or their migratory routes, to visit these wetlands. Animals rarely seen in this part of the world have put in appearances, much to the delight of the owners and those lucky visitors who were on hand.

Scientific studies have been made of some of the animal types found here. One of the biggest surprises was the numbers of species of dragonflies and moths that might be seen.
Only a few such studies have been made thus far, and since many of the animals are transitory , specific numbers are hard to get. What numbers we do have are often thanks to the hard work of many of our human visitors.

Birds, the jewel of the wetlands....

Overall - 240 species
Waterfowl - 85 species
Raptors - 16 species
Songbirds - 150 species
Warblers - 34 species

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Mammals, from forest lords to fuzzy critters...
uncountable multitude

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Reptiles and amphibians,
our own pest control...

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Insects, they make a garden grow...

Butterflies - 40+ species
Moths - 90 species
Dragonflies/Damselflies - 50+ species

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new arrivals every day

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[any hunting performed at Whitewtail Wetlands
is in cooperation with the PA Fish and Game Commision for population control only]