A Winter's Day On the Wetlands

As I stand here on my twenty-eight inch legs in 26 inches of snow looking out across the vast whiteness of the wetlands, our big yellow Lab comes bounding through and disappears into a three-foot drift. He explodes out of the snow, ears straight out in the flight mode, and bounds forward again. We’re on a mission.

We’ve decided that the songbirds that winter here and feed at our feeder need a little help. We’ll be placing artificial cardboard turf beneath the feeder and under the bushes with seed on them so that the little fellows can feed without sinking into the abyss of white.

I got the idea when I glanced out the kitchen window and saw red cardinal heads peeping out of the snow. The powdery snow had succumbed to even their feathery weight!

We don’t often get a snow this deep and it is challenging to all the critters that live on and around the Wetlands. I've seen some fox tracks near the barn. Using their instinct for survival, they know that rodents must feed also and where better than in a barn with horse feed. So the fox sneaks into the barn at night or early morning to catch the mice.