Amphibians and Reptiles





Amphibians and Reptiles in the Wetlands

Whitetail Wetlands is home to about 12 species of amphibians and reptiles.

The green frog is one of the medium size amphibians. We also have bull frogs, pickerals, leopard frogs, and a real beauty, the grey tree frog. The primary harbinger of spring is a little frog called the spring peeper, who makes an incredible amorous racket while courting his girlfriend.
Green Frog
Another important amphibian, the toad, helps control the insect pest population in the gardens.
He has a rather piercing glare, doesn't he?
Common Toad
Among the reptiles are many species of turtles and snakes. Snapping turtles are an important part of the wetlands environment, and at Whitetail Wetlands they often come in large economy size.
Our local grande dame of snapping turtles, Gracie.
Garter Snake
Garter snakes and black snakes help keep the damaging rodent population under control.