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The Grounds


The Grounds:

The gardens were originated primarily as food source and nesting site for our many avian visitors, but as time went on,
we decided that the aesthetic quality really added to
the beauty of the lodge itself.

As we welcome guests to the Lodge and the wetlands, they get a sense of what we are trying to create as soon as they enter the front yard.  A large perennial bed edges the parking lot and entices hummingbirds and butterflies .. and human visitors.
We've also attempted to make small oases such as this round bed of annuals that surround a very busy birdbath.  Evenings find a variety of birds using this and other birdbaths around the yard.
Many of the plants and gardening ideas have come to us through the donationsof neighbors and friends. We even made a "sunken garden" out of the old dairy farm manure pit. All the plants were given and the labor done with loving hands.
Schatzi, our Welsh Corgi, volunteers her time as watch dog at the Pit, protecting hosta and lilies.

Another very special donation was this little bird size barn which closely matches our own big barn. The barn was made by an old gentleman in the neighborhood and was given to the wetlands at his passing.  To encourage birds to use the birdhouse, we placed it in the barnyard and planted a mini wild flower garden around it.

We have created a playground for chipmunks,
a feeding ground for birds, bees and butterflies
and a feast for the eyes of visitors.